Dill Carrots / Candied Dill Carrots

I’ve said this before, but my mom’s candied carrots were one of the reasons my love affair with vegetables began at a young age. There were never leftovers: my siblings and I often had seconds, and if there were any left – thirds. I don’t recall there ever being leftovers (I make a little extra, so we will have leftovers, and they are great on round two).

Now when I make these for my family, my toddler will eat all the carrots on his plate before digging in to anything else. And I love that, because they are super easy to make. Peel & chop, throw it all in a pot, and turn it on. Since I’m usually serving these with a roast meat of some sort, I like to prepare it all while the roast is in the oven, and then turn the stove on when the meat comes out – that way I’m forced to let my roast rest the appropriate 10-15 minutes.

The molasses-free carrots are have a lighter and brighter flavor that I prefer in warm weather, while the candied version has a heartier flavor that is great in the cooler months. Carrots are a fairly sweet vegetable, so you don’t need much molasses if you are making the candied version, and overdoing it will make them heavy and less appealing.

Dill Carrots
Dill Carrots

Dill Carrots / Candied Dill Carrots

Adapted from my mom’s go-to carrot recipe.

Serves 4

I like these a little toothy, but they are also delicious on the soft side. You don’t need exact amounts of any of these ingredients, and I usually don’t measure, but have provided them here as guidelines.


  • 6 medium-large carrots
  • a splash (approximately 2 tbsp.) of water
  • a knob (approximately 1-2 tbsp.) of butter
  • a sprinkle (approximately ½ tsp.) of dill
  • optional (for candied carrots): a drizzle (approximately ½ tsp.) of molasses


  1. Peel the carrots, cut into bite-sized chunks, and place into a medium saucepan.  Add a splash of water, butter, dill, and molasses (if using).
  2. Cover and place over medium heat for 10-15 minutes, until carrots reach desired tenderness.

Serving Suggestions

These carrots are great with just about any American meal, particularly with roast meats – chicken, tri-tip, and pork (like this Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Pan Sauce) are my favorites. I love them next to Pan Grilled Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Roast Japanese Sweet Potatoes and Mashed Caulitatoes. Oh, and these are a perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

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